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Audit Services

Use our experts to provide an independent audit for your centre

Audit is an essential part of any SRS service. It has been shown on many occasions to highlight issues that weren't noticed by the clinic. Independent audit is now either mandatory or strongly recommended by national authorities.

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We are delighted to provide the following audit services:


We can audit the department’s paperwork/protocols to ensure that they are aligned with best practice. This includes key procedures in the SRS process as well as prescription doses, imaging and planning.

Treatment Plan Audit

We select a sample of retrospective treatment plans and audit these using established planning parameters. We then deliver a presentation to the clinical team covering the positive aspects of the treatment plans along with areas where improvement can be made. Training can then be given to fill any gaps in knowledge.

SRS Dosimetry/End-to-End testing

Medical Physics Limited are proud to have teamed up with RTsafe to offer their range of intracranial SRS end to end (E2E) products.

Using state of the art phantoms, we perform a comprehensive end to end test using detectors, film and, as an option, VIPAR gel. We provide a full dosimetrical report within three weeks of our visit.

If a centre prefers an independent audit without a visit, we can arrange a postal dosimetry audit instead using our partners RTsafe.

Medical Physics Limited Gamma Knife commissioning with RTsafe phantom
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