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MRI Services

Our unparalleled working knowledge of the use of MR for intracranial SRS enables us to offer an unrivalled service

Radiosurgery is only as good as the imaging of the target, so MR performance is critical.

Ian Paddick has optimised imaging on over 70 MR scanners around the world. Using his experience of developing tried and tested protocols we offer to improve the performance of your MR scanner.

MRI geometrical audit using Modus GRID3D phantom.jpg

Optimising imaging

Many MR scanners are not set up properly for stereotactic imaging; this results in distorted or sub-standard images that can make contouring of the target or organs-at-risk more difficult. We have developed SRS imaging protocols for an array of contemporary MR scanners and we can help you implement these in your clinic.

Geometrical QA

It is essential that the MR scanner used for stereotactic imaging is quality controlled for geometric distortion. We QA the scanner using known target phantoms, preparing a distortion report to demonstrate what the distortion means in terms of clinical targeting accuracy. We then make recommendations on how to reduce these errors and can carry these out at your request.

MRI set up for SRS imaging with Ian Paddick and Anna Karanatsiou.jpg
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