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Two programme options for commissioning your Gamma Knife

Experience gained in commissioning over 10 Gamma Knife units has allowed us to dramatically increase the efficiency and the rigour of the commissioning process.

Assisted Commissioning

Our experienced group provides commissioning assistance to your team


We develop and execute a commissioning programme specifically tailored to your resources, as well as an optional onsite visit for commissioning support ,helping to accelerate your clinical implementation of the Gamma Knife.

Expediated Commissioning

Full commissioning in 9 days


Using bespoke equipment, much of which has been designed by our company, and using streamlined processes developed with the manufacturers of the Gamma Knife we can offer full commissioning of the Gamma Knife in just nine days (one working week and adjoining weekends).


This allows the clinic to reduce downtime and realise a faster return on their investment.

Either commissioning option includes the following tests:

  • Definitive output (dose rate) measurement

  • 4 and 8mm collimator factors, using EBT3 film and a microdiamond detector

  • Sector consistency

  • Dose/timer linearity checks

  • Transit and shutter doses for individual sectors, for each collimator diameter

  • Mechanical isocentre accuracy at five separate points, for all three collimators

  • HDMM calibration

  • Source count

  • CBCT image quality and geometrical accuracy

  • MRI and CT geometrical accuracy, including set up of suitable clinical MR protocols

  • End to End testing using RTsafe 2D dosimetry as an external audit

  • Multi-isocentre plan verification with EBT film

  • Shot profiles with EBT film

  • Calibration of CT, using electron density phantom, commissioning of Convolution Algorithm

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