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New Clinic Design & Realisation

It’s never too early to get expert independent help when embarking on a radiosurgery programme

MPL offers consultancy for centres starting for the first time. Using our extensive knowledge and experience we can help you step-by-step throughout the whole process.

Our expertise will ensure that your new department will operate optimally at world-leading standards whilst saving you money and hours of time.

Gamma Knife treatment room Medical Physics Limited

We work with architects to design clinically effective departments to improve workflow and efficiency

Gamma Knife bunker design is unfortunately too often a wasted opportunity. The overestimation of shielding required means more costly and longer construction. Having acquired detailed dose rate maps over the years and having designed shielding for several units has helped save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.​

We can work with you to procure the optimal equipment for you needs. Our knowledge of future developments can save you from embarrassment of purchasing equipment that is already outdated by the time of installation.

We advise on staffing needs and additional equipment that optimises the operation of the clinic.

We can help with staff recruitment; defining job descriptions and identifying talented staff that often already come with experience and expertise.

MPL offers two approaches to the technical commissioning of equipment at your clinic: Assisted or Expedited commissioning.

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Implementing our dedicated SRS courses ahead of the clinical 'go live' ensures that staff are trained and ready to perform at the highest level.

Ian Paddick has attended over 100 clinical start up weeks in his career and is regularly requested for this work


While a clinical start up week is normally included by Elekta as part of the installation package, we offer this five day training support in cases when a 'second start' is required. Clinical teams find it extremely valuable to interact with an international expert during clinical work allowing them to ask questions as they arise in the clinical workplace. Other support can be given during the clinical week including MRI QA and optimisation, clinical audit or formal training.

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