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Dosimetrical Audit

MPL are delighted to work with RTsafe to bring you the most comprehensive SRS dosimetrical audit. This dosimetrical audit can be provided in person as part of an audit visit or as a remote postal service direct from RTsafe.

All services use the RTsafe anthropomorphic Prime phantom

The Prime phantom is a state of the art anthropomorphic phantom that is 3D printed from at patient's DICOM images. This results in exquisite bony anatomy creating the most life-like dosimetry phantom available.

The measurement services below are ideally suited towards:

  • End-to-End dosimetry tests

  • geometric tests during commissioning 

  • periodic quality assurance procedures.


Point Remote OSL Dosimetry

The end-user receives a loaded insert made of water equivalent material for absolute dosimetry tailored to the department's specific needs with optically stimulated luminescence dosimeters.

Available compatible inserts with Prime phantom drilled for 17 nanoDot™ OSLDs for measurements in two different orientations: sagittal or coronal plane.

2D Remote Film Dosimetry

The end-user receives pre-cut EBT3 film pieces from a calibrated batch at the Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory of the Greek Atomic Energy Commission, that provides traceability to the PSDL BIPM France. Suitable for absolute and/or relative 2D dosimetry.

Available insert compatible with Prime phantom with pre-cut calibrated film pieces for measurements in two different orientations: sagittal or coronal plane.

3D Gel Dosimetry

The end-user receives a gel-filled insert. The gel’s dose read-out is performed using the MRI scanner located at the user’s institution. Appropriate pulse sequences specifically designed for the user’s MRI system are provided by the RTsafe team. Suitable for relative 3D dosimetry.

Available insert compatible with Prime phantom

Remote Workflow


End -user receives the pre-cut film pieces



Irradiation of film pieces



RTsafe receives the irradiated film pieces



Dose readout and analysis



End-user receives an analytical dosimetric report



A comprehensive written report includes comparisons between measurements and Treatment Planning System (TPS) calculations in terms of:

  • 1D dose profiles and 1D gamma index,

  • 2D isolines and 2D gamma index maps,

  • 3D gamma index passing rates,

  • Dose Volume Histograms (DVHs),

  • DVHs metrics and

  • Dosimetric indices for each target and/or Organ-at-Risk (OAR).

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