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Publications & Research

We have an impressive track record of research in the field of SRS

Our work includes Planning Indices, Radiobiology, Device Comparisons and Radiation Protection.

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Errors in three-dimensional doses calculated from a two-dimensional database - case report: wedged fields at 6MV


DeClemente A.J., and Paddick, I.

Phys. Med. Biol 42 1197-1202

Active minimisation of radiation scatter during breast radiotherapy: management implications for young patients with good-prognosis primary neoplasms


Epstein, R.J., Kelly, S.A., Cook, M., Bateman, A., Paddick, I., Kam, K.C., Dunn, P., Hanham I.W., Dale R.D., Price P.M.

Radiotherapy and Oncology 40 69-74

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