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Consultancy Services

We can use our expertise and experience to target problems in your department

Access expert advice on a wide range of topics.

Whatever problem your department is experiencing, the chances are we have seen it and solved it before. Whether advising on modifying your workflow or recommending strategies to increase departmental efficiency you'll find our experience in dealing with these problems enlightening.

Radiosurgery is only as good as the imaging of the target, so MR performance is critical. Ian Paddick has optimised imaging on over 70 MRI scanners around the world. Using his experience of developing tried and tested protocols we offer to improve the performance of your MR scanner for SRS work.

We offer a two day visit to your centre; checking policies and procedures and performing a dosimetry audit.

In the unfortunate event that a patient develops adverse effects, our team can investigate and identify potential reasons for the event, whether they are dosimetrical errors or radiobiological effects. We have discovered the reasons behind a number of adverse outcomes and are available to to help resolve matters swiftly.

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